We’ve built a powerful set of pro tools that consistently drive results for high stakes issue advocacy and ballot initiative campaigns.


Every possible edge makes all the difference in the world of  public affairs. We’ll show you how our tools will power a winning digital strategy, persuade and educate key audiences, mobilize passionate advocates and rapidly implement proven templates for your campaign.

Unearth Atlas™ Influencer Targeting

What Atlas Does: 

Atlas™ reaches the people who matter most. Atlas surrounds high priority individuals, like elected officials, by engaging their trusted personal, professional, and political contacts through a range of digital media channels.


How Unearth Data Powers It:

Atlas combines hardcore data analytics with Unearth’s specialized knowledge of how closely connected networks impact perception. Communicating with Atlas accelerates awareness within the immediate network of individuals that most influence your intended target. 


Clients Use Unearth Atlas To:

  • Strengthen candidate and elected official relationships with increased organization visibility.
  • Provide political support for allied elected officials before and after difficult votes.
  • Demonstrate opposition to bad policy ideas to prevent them from becoming bills.
  • Persuade bill authors to accept critical amendments and changes.
  • Build and maintain support among persuadable elected officials.


Unearth Portal™ Advocacy Platform

What Portal™ Does: 

Unearth Portal enables voters to send messages directly to their elected officials These messages can be queued and delivered at the moment of maximum impact. 


How Unearth Data Powers It:

We identify and recruit advocates, tagged by issue, in each district. We build a custom audience universe that clients can leverage immediately and can perpetually activate on current and future fights.


Clients Use Unearth Portal To:

  • Target elected officials before a vote by metering the flow of petition delivery from advocates. This ensures maximum focus and attention on the issue, even when the advocates were enlisted weeks before.
  • Message throttling: Choose how and when your advocacy messages reach select elected officials. For example, you can send 10 daily messages to Appropriations Committee Democrats, send 5 daily messages to Republicans, and hold to everyone else for future sending until a vote nears. 
  • Nurture your supporters with a steady stream of conversations while maintaining pressure on elected officials.


Unearth Scout™ Digital Intelligence

What Unearth Scout™ Is:

Scout™ gives you more than a generic social media monitoring report. Unearth digital public affairs analysts power Scout by providing continuous, in-depth analysis and reporting on what key stakeholder groups are hearing and saying. 


How Unearth Data Powers It:

Unearth Scout’s ability to process and analyze massive amounts of real-time data allows us to quickly adapt and respond to the messages that are resonating most with key stakeholder groups. 


Clients Use Unearth Scout To:

  • Analyze the spread of blog posts, news articles and other content
  • Assess the engagement of policymakers and influencers.
  • Target emerging influencers we should engage, either to neutralize or to amplify.
  • Discover content inspiration for messaging and creative in outgoing communications efforts.
  • Deploy targeted paid advertising, such as bracketing the opposition by drowning out their messages with strategic placed content and creative


Flash Advocacy Campaigns

What Unearth Flash Advocacy Campaigns Are:

Flash Advocacy Campaigns go on the attack or mount a potent defense in as little as 72 hours. We deploy our full arsenal around the clock, including: promoted and organic content, social media monitoring and engagement, email and website messaging and more.


How Unearth Data Powers It:

Our experienced team has deployed the Unearth advocacy toolset on hundreds of rapidly moving campaigns. Repeatable processes, unmatched data and tools allow us to move fast to ensure you success.


How Unearth Clients Use It:

  • In the first 24 hours, we’ll work together to assess your situation, where is the bill, what are elected officials saying, what do journalists know, etc. Unearth Scout social listening may be a component of determining the current landscape. We’ll make sure we understand your audience, your message, and your goals.
  • In the first 48 hours, now that we have data to fully assess your situation, Unearth works with you to formulate your digital response strategy. This isn’t a mere ad buy, it is a comprehensive strategy engineered to optimize your messaging with the audiences that matter most. 
  • In the first 72 hours, depending on approvals, your campaign will go live, powered by our unique data and targeting tools. 
  • From then on, we gather performance data and analyze how your message is resonating with different audiences then we optimize in real-time. We also package our analysis to quickly inform your traditional media operations.


If you need to start your Flash Advocacy Campaign, call Matt anytime at (855) 456-2646.